Creating beautiful artworks that capture the magic of nature

A painting is an illusion, paint on paper, a trick of the eye. What we think we see is not

reality. However, viewing a painting can evoke deep emotions. It can awaken old memories

or feelings in us, or just the beauty and power of nature may move us. It is this tension

between illusion, memory and emotion that triggers Barrie's desire to create his art.                                                                                                                                

An artist with a passion for landscape and natural images. Barrie has worked in his

preferred mediums of watercolour and oil for over 45 years, developing his own distinctive

style of painting that is instantly recognisable. Born in England, he made his home in 

Switzerland 35 years ago and is based in Vilters, St.Gallen, in the east of Switzerland.       

The Swiss Alps with majestic mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes provide an

endless stream of inspiring subjects right on his doorstep. With each passing cloud or 

moving shadow, scenes become new and exiting, transforming into something truly 


To be inspired by dark thunderclouds building in the mountains or sunlight dancing

on a quiet lake at dusk. To capture these emotions with a paintbrush and then to have                                                                                          

the privilege of sharing these feelings with others in their own homes are the things

dreams are made of.